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CoMotion 2024

Motion Design Conference

Role: Branding Design Team in Experiential

CoMotion, known as the world's biggest student-led conference in motion design, is a significant two-day event where students of Motion Media Design from the Savannah College of Art and Design interact with and gain insights from over 35 companies. Annually, a pair of students are selected to revamp the conference's brand. These students are responsible for assembling and managing a team of 40 members, and they supervise the creation of over 100 items, notably a 3-minute opening title sequence for the event.

As an Experiential Designer for CoMotion 2024, my role was pivotal in crafting an immersive and memorable conclusion for the event. I was tasked with the creation and execution of a sophisticated projection mapping display that served as the grand finale of the conference. This involved designing intricate visuals and animations that were projected onto various surfaces, transforming the space into a dynamic, engaging environment.

The process of filling a massive 20 ft by 125 ft museum wall with projection mapping requires meticulous calculations and experimentation. Before starting the project, it was necessary to understand the wall's actual dimensions and the available space, as well as to plan the spatial distribution for using multiple projectors. Therefore, I surveyed the space of the SCAD Museum of Art, where the final finale event was to be held, and checked various factors.

After completing all the initial surveys, I created several mockups while discussing the design direction for CoMotion 2024 with Co-Creative Directors Kyle Switzer and Muskaan Sethi.

Once the design direction was set, I created organic and sacred patterns and arranged them on a horizontally elongated canvas to complement the logo animation.

Additionally, for creating caustics patterns, I conducted various experiments using light reflections to create caustics, blending them into the overall artwork to add depth.

Animated by Jinkyu Kang

Full shot for projection

Animated by Jinkyu Kang

My work required a deep understanding of both the technical and artistic aspects of projection mapping, including spatial design, animation, and synchronization with sound and lighting. By blending these elements, you created an immersive experience that captivated the audience, leaving a lasting impression of the event's innovative and creative spirit. This role demonstrated not only your technical expertise in experiential design but also your ability to conceptualize and deliver a visually stunning performance that perfectly encapsulated the essence of CoMotion 2024.

CoMotion 2024 Title Sequence

Directed by: Kyle Switzer and Muskaan Sethi, Co-Directors of the Branding Team

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