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Music Video

"Why talk about past He forgot

Why don’t let me in when talk about life"

The story of Korean music artist CJAM after he was released from prison.

People won't listen to his life story. They refuse to listen to the dirty old stories.

But CJAM remembers the old stories that people forget. 

And he reminds everyday.

Practical Effects

Creating a live action work can create a realistic sense that cannot be created with motion graphics work. In addition, because you get results by filming, you can produce faster results in producing videos compared to starting with nothing. Using the advantages of such live action, it was possible to produce more colorful music videos by producing various styles of videos.



I captured the video source and printed it. It was reconstructed as a collage with them, and the image was adjusted in frames after scanning to create a transition.


Projection mapping / Macro filming

Most of the videos were filmed with microlens on an analog TV. In that way, typography through projection mapping was posted on top of the video that combines analog and digital, completing the cut that gives a strong impression.

Studio Filming / Product design


Through studio filming, I produced some of the cuts that used long camera movements and various lights, and also completed the product design for the video. It was inspired by Nam June Paik's TV garden, and designed like a flowerpot containing TV, which was arranged and produced by myself.

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