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Louis Vuitton: The Art of Travel

Interactive Digital Exhibition for

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 Journey of Self-Discovery: Refining Identity Through Uncertainty

When we find ourselves in uncertain situations, we tend to get anxious about not being able to cope with the circumstances. The belief that we won't be able to resolve it spreads as self-doubt, making us question ourselves.

We embark on journeys to refine our form, leaving behind only silhouettes within the hazy glass, as we search for solutions by overturning walls.

The definition of travel extends beyond the physical journey to different cities; it also encompasses the mental voyage of connecting with others and engaging in meaningful interactions. Meeting things different from our original selves, learning and embracing new aspects, and gradually shaping our own form – that is the essence of what we consider as the meaning of travel.


Creative Director, Interactive Design,

Ai Art Designer, Storyboard

Made with

Muriel Choi, Blare Jin, Seungwhan Sun, Bohyeon Seo

Louis Vuitton: The Art of Travel

Louis Vuitton: The Art of Travel is a virtual interactive digital exhibition created to promote Louis Vuitton's brand identity. It embodies the essence of a flagship store but excludes Louis Vuitton products, focusing on the brand's story and philosophy. The exhibition is designed to provide attendees with a space to showcase Louis Vuitton's philosophy, allowing them to delve into the brand's story and values.

Louis Vuitton: The Art of Travel revolves around the theme of travel and offers the audience a unique journey. This exhibition combines various technologies, including interactive animation using AI, interactive particle animation with Lidar sensors, and a 3D generative animation that interacts with the audience's mobile phones to conclude the exhibition.

It is an audience-driven exhibition that allows attendees to enjoy their personalized journey while actively contributing to the creation of the exhibition. It serves as a space to convey new experiences and Louis Vuitton's philosophy to the public.

Before the exhibition begins, attendees interact with a kiosk featuring an embedded NFC sensor that prompts their mobile phones to access the website provided by Louis Vuitton. Following the instructions on the website, attendees receive the necessary information for the exhibition. As they progress through each space and transition to the next exhibition space, they acquire graphic design elements symbolizing that specific exhibition space. This interactive feature allows attendees to arrange elements to their liking, enabling them to create their own poster-style design.

This exhibition provides an opportunity for the general public to directly participate as artists in shaping their own creations. While enjoying the exhibition, attendees construct their unique designs, culminating in the sharing of their designs at the final stage, resulting in a distinctive exhibition formed by the contributions of numerous individuals. It bridges the gap between art and those who may not typically be involved in the art world, enabling them to share their thoughts and identities as artists with a wider audience. Moreover, while creating their own forms, they can also convey the theme of the exhibition, which is about finding one's identity through travel.

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