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Mirrored Frenzy

AI installation art

”Mirrored Frenzy“ is an immersive art installation that uses artificial intelligence to explore the complex emotions, anxieties, and relationships individuals experience.

Inspired by the lyrics of Matt Champion‘s song ”Steel,“ it delves into themes of love, conflict, and self-doubt. A mirror screen transforms the observer’s image in real-time to visualize emotional turmoil, with AI interpreting expressions and movements to reflect personal emotions and inner conflicts.

"Mirrored Frenzy" is an interactive exhibit that compiles the outcomes of audience participation into a cohesive artwork. Displayed at the Syphon Tripper experiential festival by the Savannah College of Art, this piece captures the movements, patterns, and appearances of approximately 300 interacting visitors using motion sensors and cameras, recreating them into a unified whole.

"Mirrored Frenzy" is an installation that exhibits real-time elements and showcases the integration of contemporary AI technology. This piece combines an AI pipeline created through TouchDesigner with motion capture technology using motion sensors, presenting surrealistic images to the audience in real-time.


"Mirrored Frenzy" employs innovative AI and interactive technology to explore the intricate emotions and relationships of the human experience profoundly and dynamically. This installation invites visitors to deeply engage with their emotions and those of others, creating a shared space for reflection and connection. Through this artwork, I have gained a new understanding of the multifaceted and complex nature of emotions, and how interactions between individuals and groups can be transformed through art. "Mirrored Frenzy" goes beyond a mere exhibition; it offers a unique experience where each audience member can explore their emotions and gain new perspectives through interactions with others.

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