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The Glimpse of Light

Interaction Installation Art

While preparing for my senior project "The Light", I pondered over the contemplation of light and how to present my perspective on the light in a way that more people could enjoy and understand. As an interactive artwork that allows people to explore the meaning of the piece themselves, I participated in the Digital Graffiti 2023 hosted by Alys Beach and showcased my work titled "The Glimpse of Light."

By chasing after the distant shining entities, we often overlook the small but precious lights that surround us. Hoping to encourage a greater focus on the present and the beautiful people and shining selves around us, I decided to exhibit this artwork.

The piece aims to highlight the contrast between those who pass by the artwork without paying much attention and those who engage with it and derive enjoyment from it. It serves as a reflection on finding happiness in everyday life and contemplating ways to love oneself.

Work Process

The most important thing I focused on in this exhibition was properly responding to people's actions. Therefore, I concentrated on maximizing the use of motion capture technology to be able to follow people's movements. I enabled various aspects of the body's movements to be responsive, including the position where people are standing, lighting that showcases the form of the person, and the position of Kinect sensors. Additionally, thanks to the incredibly talented and friendly technical supporters, I was able to securely install projectors and maintain the sound system in a good position.

I conducted various experimental attempts to create a motion using the hands, a part of the human body, to gather ambient light. Additionally, while creating an interactive system, I tested various colors. Among them, I selected the colors that I believed best suited the color of Alys Beach and the sound of the wind, and proceeded with the exhibition.

Showcased in
Digital Graffiti 2023 at Alys Beach

Digital Graffiti at Alys Beach is a one-of-a-kind projection art festival where artists from across the globe use the latest digital technologies to project their original works onto the iconic white walls of Alys Beach.

Each year, the festival attracts digital artists, filmmakers, musicians, interactive designers, photographers, VJs, producers, celebrities, agency executives and fans of art, technology and architecture. Thousands of dollars in cash prizes are awarded to artists, with digital submissions being received from as far away as Israel, Austria, Canada, Germany, London, India, France, Italy and Korea.

It was truly a great fortune to exhibit at Alys Beach. Meeting artists from around the world allowed me to broaden my horizons and expand my perspective. Interacting with artists from various disciplines, I learned a great deal and felt delighted to be someone who can inspire others. Additionally, I am grateful for the positive reception of my artwork by many individuals, which led to my receiving the special recognition award in my first participation, bringing me even greater joy.

Live Stream for Digital Graffiti 2023

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