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The Light

Senior Project

While many aspire to achieve greatness and become "shining" individuals, this pursuit can often blind us to the small joys and moments of beauty that exist in everyday life. When we focus solely on our goals, we may miss out on the richness of the present moment. The path to success is rarely easy, and as we face challenges and setbacks, it can be easy to become disheartened.


However, by taking a step back and appreciating the world around us, we can gain a new perspective and find the inner strength to persevere. This project aims to explore the strategies and techniques that can help individuals cultivate mindfulness and a deeper appreciation for the beauty and wonder of everyday life.


Through personal stories, research, and reflection, we will seek to better understand the complex relationship between success, happiness, and the pursuit of personal fulfillment.

The Light


Blinded by the light, 

A path appears before me, 

Endless and distant. 


Lost in the darkness, 

Tears stream down my face like rain, 

Craving the warm light. 


In my tears I find 

A cleansing, a transformation, 

Divine and holy. 


Sitting on the shore, 

The sound of waves, the scent of salt, 

Light surrounds me now.

― Jinkyu Kang​

Work Process

Bringing your artwork to life in the physical world is always a challenging task. Unlike digital work, you can't simply make instant modifications, and every component must be physically crafted with my own hand. This is why thorough preparation and planning are crucial to success.

I started by sketching all the required props and measuring their sizes. Additionally, I made preparations for the shooting by designing the composition, lighting setup, and other necessary aspects. To aid the process, I also created a storyboard for the images I envisioned.

After experimenting with different combinations of materials and models of various sizes, I created several ideal models. Then I installed these models and conducted projection mapping tests to ensure that everything was perfectly prepared and ready for the shoot. I made any necessary adjustments before proceeding to the actual filming phase.

All motion graphics and interactive art resources have been designed to express the theme of this work through the most suitable color palette and motion. I aimed to create multimedia works with a more profound atmosphere using TouchDesigner and Notch, frequently used in the media art industry.

Now, with all the preparations in place, the only remaining task was to conduct the actual shoot..

When preparing for the miniature filming project as a senior project, I faced numerous challenges and uncertainties. The daunting pressure of attempting something that had not been done before, coupled with the fear of failure, made it difficult for me to take the first step.

However, with perseverance and determination, I overcame the obstacles and completed the project. The sense of achievement that came with it was beyond words, and I am immensely grateful to everyone who supported me in choosing the miniature filming technique that helped me push the boundaries of my imagination.

Furthermore, the utilization of Touchdesigner and Notch in creating generative graphics has greatly influenced my interest in pursuing larger-scale immersive art projects in the future. As I await the opportunity to create such projects, where people can actively engage with the space and experience it in a unique way, I am constantly inspired by the possibilities and the potential impact it can have on the audience.

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